Art-full Life

Life is all colourful, with the colour waves being vibrant at places and solubilised in other places. Their intensity varying at places causes the landscapes and contours to be visible. Vision of our eyes, one of the most wonderful evolution step of the nature. Majority of sensations are "learned" through this sense of vision and there are certain events that delude this sense and thereby forming the "Illusion". This blog is a small service to the vision and illusion and an outflow of abstract concepts.
Let the Life be art-ful with colours and aesthetic countours removing the delusion and the illusion perceived by these imperfect senses and thereby leading to the perfection dwelling in nothingness!
LICENSE: The images found in this blog are distributed under Artistic License.

Most of the images are converted to PNG format from the source SVG files. In case if you are interested in the source: (mail to (concat "ramasamy" (concat "@" (concat "phiepsilon" (concat "." "org"))))) [or] ramasamy(at)phiepsilon(dot)org.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Griddy contrast

Visual impression due to contrasting colors draw a virtual line across the space separating the colors. Though the contrast is nested, it is surprising to see that we clump the circular flowers into a group and see the contrast between the groups. Again, scaped with sodipodi.

Flowery and yet hexagonal

This pattern started out as a feathery spirals ended up being a flowery pattern on a hexagonal grid. Inked in the landscape of inkscape.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Wavy Greeny Fency

A grid of greens cornering the gradient'ed concave squares. A fence of a pattern, suitable to be a ceiling or a floor tile pattern.

No questions, credits to sodipodi again :)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Aperiodicity of a kind

Tiling is always considered an art and nature manifests in this too. Beauty of tilings could again require not finite words! One of the curious findings are the aperiodic tilings, a tiling of a different kind! They are just so misleading that looking at just a few patches of the tiling section, one could arrive at easily drawing it up through rules of translation/rotation. But behold, the tilings of this kind fail to translate across the plane and hence the name aperiodic. Here is a gradient'ed version of aperiodic tiling created with 'V' triomino through edge substitution rule.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Nest of quantum dots

People talk a lot about quantum, how will it be? No one knows, as it is created with a curse that it could never 'show' its true reality and could only be true to itself! The uncertainity of Heisenberg is the creation principle of quantum. Coming back to the image, just a portray of creation of quantum dot in the nest of heavens(:)).

Any guesses why the image is gray scaled? To create color, quantums are necessary and moreover they do not exhibit the true form, isn't? (:)) The base object is a polygon of 32 sides and the rays from the edges of the polygon are grouped into pairs and circles placed between two alternate rays.

Bed spread of thought space

Drawn out of love towards green/orange, here is the bed spread in the thought space. It is surprising how the 'Kite' and 'Dart' pattern could be used to make interesting tiling patterns. No limits to how symmetry arises in nature. All compressed into three basic operations: Translation, Rotation, Scaling.

Coming back to the image, it was one which took a lot of time, approx 10 hours to draw (ofcourse manually). Componentally, there are just two different shapes: Dart and Kite. Two other auxillary shapes include a star (square rotated to form a octogonal star) and a radially gradiented circle/square.

Frankly, i admit before the almighty, beauty is infinitely infinite and in all, uncountable among uncountables and what not. Finite words would never be enough and cannot be expressed completely by a finite being.

As a final touch, credits to Sodipodi, that makes life simpler to paint your thoughts!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Rangoli, a symmetrical approach

Yet another attempt to make a rangoli a.k.a kolam. This time, the flip and translation has spread this carpet across.

A patch of orange across the bed of green is always catchy. Though the spectrum above is equally distributed with regard to green/orange, it still distinguishes the alternate symmetry on the junctions.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Mythical Creature

Given a pattern, can the life be synthesized in that form? No proof exists as of now for the problem that states for any or at least for an arbitrary pattern P, a relatively stabler system with topology P and a hypothetical behavioral characteristics B would exists in the universe U of fundamental hypothesis.

Anyway, neither the above argumentative complexity nor the factual stuffs would prevent us from welcoming the star femtobial animative system, Zephroid from the Xaos universe.

Gut feel is that a Lawless system could at least in theory produce any given hypothetical system. Once the hypothetical system is in place, evolution inside the system is finitely limited, hence the evolution might be cyclic or would reach stability in its varieties.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

An Attempt of Rangoli

The day dawned! Here goes a hexagon with colors... a try for Rangoli...